Writing, editing, proofreading to get your message out
clearly and concisely, and consistently aligned with your business brand.

How can we help?

Big or small, digital or print, Write Edit Proof helps with writing, editing, proofreading tasks of all shapes and sizes, whether you need an article, digital content, brochure, e-newsletter, training manual, policy document or instructional procedure guide.

I find out what makes you remarkable – your mission, your objectives, your audience, your style – and then choose the best, made-to-measure words to fit your writing project.

What’s our mission?

To craft really great copy that people want to read. As well, it will:

  • make people think, take action or want to learn more
  • be easy to read and understand
  • tell a great story
  • explain complex stuff in plain English
  • inform and educate readers with interesting info
  • echo the look and feel of your business
  • look good, feel great, sound fabulous
  • be error-free!

If you need to write, edit or proof and don’t know where to start, give me a call today. Millie: 021 210 1331.