Tauranga Proofreader | Write Edit Proof | Tauranga, NZ

Error-free documents and content – aim for nothing less!

Promotional material, customer letters, direct marketing, web content – make sure everything you send out is free from typos, grammatical and consistency errors, formatting fails and clunky sentence structure. I will proofread your documents so you consistently look professional in print and online.

I know what you’re thinking. You’ve checked through your brochure copy or your website content and you can’t find any mistakes – right? Take another look. Whoa! To a proofreader, there’s a lot going on.

Spelling: computer spell checks won’t pick up missing words, or words that are spelt correctly in the wrong context.

Punctuation: those commas, apostrophes, hyphens and dashes often end up in the wrong place.

Formatting and style: spacing between lines and after full-stops, heading sizes, bulleted lists, font size – these often stray from the agreed style and need to be brought back into line.

Clunky sentence structure: if the sentence isn’t clear and can be said a whole lot more simply, I’ll let you know.

Tables, graphs and diagrams: if they’re not labelled correctly, they won’t be understood.

Page numbering and contents: it’s surprising how often this gets mixed up!

APA citations and referencing: so easy to get wrong, but every citation and reference needs to follow precise rules every time.


To find a Tauranga proofreader, please call Millie on 021 210 1331.