Editor | Write Edit Proof | Tauranga, NZ

An editor can add some zing to that first draft

A smart edit can make a big difference to your writing project. When you’re close to your subject, it’s not always easy to ‘see’ it as a customer would. As an editor I look for ways to simplify your message and make it easy for the customer to read on…like this:

  • Using fewer words to get your message across.
  • Explaining technical or complex concepts so others can understand.
  • Replacing long explanations with simple, straight-forward sentences.
  • Breaking text with bullets where appropriate.
  • Creating more white space for easier reading.
  • Simplifying text so digital pages are scannable.
  • Giving more punch to news stories.
  • Tailoring messages to the audience.
  • Ensuring the message is consistent with the organisation’s brand and style.
  • Ordering and structuring the document for reading ease and understanding.

If you need an editor for your writing project, please call Millie on 021 210 1331.